SYNOPSIS: Young couple Jared and Taylor have always been the perfect couple to their friends. But when they abruptly break-up, both Jared and Taylor quickly find comfort from their closest friends--some shared, some new--deciding that this bitter break-up gives way to enjoy the night and forget their troubles. What was supposed to be a typical friend's night out becomes one night of chaos, missed connections and new discoveries in this outrageous new comedy about friendship, relationships and how one crazy night can change everything.

ABOUT THE FILM: It's a crazy comedy made with literally no money. Director Enrico Banson relies on a troupe of actors and writes specifically for them, thanks to his theatre training where artists constantly work as an ensemble. "I just wanted to make a film with my collaborators that was pure fun, from start to finish. A movie about my friends, with my friends. This movie came out of that energy, and we set out to make a crazy, colorful yet unabashedly authentic party of a movie."

STARRING: Jason Aaronson, Enrico Banson, Jacob Ben-Shmuel, Bree Swartwood, Jess Thompson, James Udom, Adrian Van der Valk and Steven M. Thomas.
DIRECTOR: Enrico Banson
SCREENPLAY: Enrico Banson, Jerica Banson, Jerianne Banson

Flight Deck Film Festival, New York
Winner, Best Feature Film

Direct Monthly Online Film Festival
Winner, Best Feature Film / Top 10 Films of the Week

Los Angeles Motion Picture Film Festival, California
Winner, Best Comedy (Gold Award)
Winner, Best Low Budget Feature FIlm (Silver Award)

Accord Cine Fest, India
Winner, Best Feature Film
Winner, Best Comedy Feature
Winner, Best Supporting Actress -
Jess Thompson (Molly)
Winner, Best Music Direction - Jerica Banson

Catskill International Film Festival, New York
Winner, Best Screenplay / Opening Night Selection

Couch Film Festival, Canada
Winner, Best Cinematography
Nominee, Best Feature Film
Nominee, Best Cast
Nominee, Best Director

Top Indie Film Awards, Japan
Nominee, Best Actress - Bree Swartwood (Taylor)
Nominee, Best Director
Nominee, Best Editing
Nominee, Best Low Budget Feature

Skiptown International Film Festival, California
Nominee, Best Comedic Performance - Jacob Ben-Shmuel (Charlie)
Nominee, Best Director
Nominee, Best Ensemble

Social Distance Film Festival, Canada
Finalist, Best Actor - Jason Aaronson (Jared)

Cutting Edge Film Festival, Florida
Finalist, Best Comedy

Madras Independent Film Festival, India 
Finalist, Best Feature Film

Hollywood Gold Awards, California
Finalist, Best Director
Finalist, Best Feature Film

Flickfair On Demand Film Festival - Official Selection
Frostbite International Film Festival, Colorado - Official Selection
Miami Independent Film Festival, Florida - Official Selection
Focus International Film Festival, California - Official Selection
Strong Chance Film Festival, New York - Official Selection
Concept 2 Reel Film Festival, Georgia - Official Selection
The Cut Film Series, Fall 2020, Ohio - Official Selection
Andromeda Film Festival, Turkey - Official Selection
Kalakari Film Fest, India - Official Selection
Anatolia International Film Festival, Turkey - Official Selection
Silicon Beach Film Festival, California - Official Selection
Standalone Film Festival & Awards, California/India - Official Selection