Our Why: To shine a light on storytellers from underrepresented communities, so that all our stories are illumined.

Lumos Films is a production company that prides itself on being a creative home for filmmakers of all walks of life, especially BIPOC, LGBTQIA people, and differently abled people. From the board of directors to behind the scenes to people on camera, Lumos Films offers a seat at the table for everyone, with a concentration on those whose voices have historically been shut out of the film industry.


Internships will start in late summer/early fall 2021 and run for three months. Interns should expect to work 15-20 hours a week. 



Applications will be open on May 7 and close on June 15.

Interviews with selected applicants will take place by appointment.

The 2021 Lumos Films Interns will be announced on July 5.


Lumos Films will hire a small, elite group of interns who will have the rare opportunity to work hands-on with professional filmmakers. Each person who is accepted will have a program specifically designed for them based on the individual skills of the intern and the production needs of Lumos Films. For the right people, there’s a lot of freedom to play, but with great power comes great responsibility. We are looking for people who are independent thinkers that also know how to contribute as team players. This is an internship for the early career film professional looking for a chance to develop their talents on a working film set alongside the best in the business.


Because each individual intern will be assigned duties and responsibilities based on their skills and the needs of the company, Lumos Films interns will receive a program outline and detailed schedule alongside their acceptance letter. Once the applicant submits their signed acceptance letter to the company, the curriculum and schedule is considered final unless changed with written consent by Lumos Films.
Interns may be asked to work in any of the following areas. This serves as a starting point rather than a comprehensive list; Lumos Films is looking to hire great people who want to make film.


As members of the Lumos Films company, all interns will be asked to create content for and be featured by the Lumos Films social media channels. From following a day in the life of an intern on set, to featuring the creative content made by interns, the social media team at Lumos Films wants to shine a light on the next generation of film artists and their work.


At Lumos Films, we feel that the greatest gift we could ever give is the inspiration to fuel future filmmakers and the hands-on experience to prepare them for their professional careers. There’s an African-American proverb that says, “Each one teach one”, and Lumos Films is proud to have some of the world’s most recognizable experts in their fields working directly with our interns to teach the next generation of filmmakers. Upon completion, a stipend of $500 and two letters of recommendation from industry professionals will be provided. Additional benefits include daily craft services, and travel accommodations for on location productions outside of the greater San Francisco Bay Area.


The Internship Program Head will work alongside a panel of Lumos Films employees and production department heads to assess and accept people into our internship program on an individual basis. We feel that requirements are a loose term, and that passion, hard work, and inspiration go a long way.