Our campaign for MegaGrass was all about making artificial grass fun and accessible. With the 30 second spot (above), our goal was to introduce MegaGrass' six different products in exciting, succinct ways. We're thrilled with the outcome. The second commercial highlights all the reasons to love MegaGrass, but don't take our word for it. Listen to college football star Cameron Saffle to find many more reasons why MegaGrass is so lovable.


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Those funny dudes from The Reduced Shakespeare Company tapped Lumos Films to promote their latest show, the long-awaited prequel to Hamlet titled "Hamlet's Big Adventure." The entire process was way too much fun and our goal with the promo is to capture their silly, tongue-in-cheek, low-key vibe.



Crowdfunding Video

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South Bay Spirits Distillery contacted us to create a dynamic and engaging video for their crowdfunding campaign and we couldn't be more pleased with the partnership. It was important for Lumos Films to create a crowdfunding video that connects with the investors on a personal level, so it was imperative for us to still use storytelling techniques. It's a great product, and a great team!